Solar Batteries

For Controling Your Energy Production

Just like a regular battery, the solar battery also stores energy. But the only difference is that a solar battery stores solar energy and uses the power when needed. There are different types of solar batteries available depending on their size and use. Rechargeable solar batteries are also used in off-grid PV to store a huge amount of energy.

Various types of solar batteries

We have two types of solar batteries one is the tubular battery, and another one is the flat plate battery. The tubular batteries are taller in size than the flat plate batteries. These batteries are produced with lead acid, saltwater, and lithium. For the home solar panel system, lithium-ion batteries are the best option.

How does it work?

The home solar system generates direct current with the help of solar energy. Then with the help of a solar inverter, the DC current gets converted into AC current. So, the solar batteries store this energy in the nighttime, when solar power can't generate more energy. The storage amount of the solar battery depends on the ampere-hour. The higher the ampere-hour of the battery, the more amount of energy it will be able to store. With solar batteries from Electrical Masters, you will be able to get these advantages.

Why invest in a solar battery?

• With the help of a solar battery, you will be able to store excess power in the battery, and on cloudy days or nights, you will be able to use that power.

• The solar battery offers you more security when it comes to storing energy, especially if you need more energy for your home.

• Using solar batteries will help to reduce the pollutants in the environment and reduce the carbon footprint.

• One of the biggest advantages of the solar battery is that it will help reduce electricity costs.